Monday, March 23, 2015

2014 Hyundai i10 Reviews and Specs

Top Cars | 2014 Hyundai i10 Reviews and Specs |  The new chassis gets upright rear dampers, reducing the stiction experienced with the old angled units, and the ratio of wheel-to-damper movement is as near to 1:1 as makes no difference, which improves damper response. But that only gets the i10 on terms with its rivals. The Germans have also fiddled with the steering geometry, tried to reduce friction in the wheel movement and titivated steering efforts and feedback.

There are two petrol engines: a 65bhp/69lb ft, 1.0-litre, three-cylinder capable of 96mph and 0-62mph in 14.9sec; and an 86bhp/89lb ft, 1.2-litre four-cylinder with a 106mph top speed and 0-62mph in 12.3sec. Its front-wheel drive and the transmission options are a five-speed manual and an optional four-speed automatic on the 1.2-litre SE model. Article source link

2014 Hyundai i10
2014 Hyundai i10
2014 Hyundai i10
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