Friday, March 27, 2015

2011 Tata Nano Diesel specifications and features with price details

As per a repost by Times of India, some vendors of Tata have revealed that the Tata Nano with a Diesel engine maybe launched this year by September 2011. Earlier we got an information about the Tata Nano Diesel launch scheduled for 2012. This diesel engine will be a small engine of nearly 800 CC capacity and around 40 BHP of maximum power. Its will be a CRDI Diesel engine with a turbocharger for high fuel efficiency and performance. It is expected that the Tata Nano Diesel will cost about 20% more compared to the similar petrol variants. Also by then, Tata Nano V2 might be launched, in which case, the Tata Nano Diesel will have all the features of the Tata Nano V2 which includes 5 speed transmission, power steering and many more improvements.

The initial cost and maintenance cost of a Diesel engine is usually higher and Tata Nano is a car which is targeted to a price-sensitive buyer, which might make it a bit difficult to market. However the running cost of a Diesel car is usually less in India because of cheap diesel prices in India when compared with petrol prices. Also the efficiency of diesel engines is also usually more which means more miles out of per litre of Diesel.

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