Sunday, March 29, 2015

2012 Mercedes Concept Coupe Style a mini CLS


Family Class A is expanded fast. After the compact unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, here is a low sedan or if you prefer a four-door coupe to be called CLA. Coupe concept car style gives us a true insight.

Mercedes takes care of his image on the Chinese market by reserving for two years with first because its concepts.

Last year in Shanghai, a study announced Class A Series of whose version appeared in early March in Geneva . This year in Beijing , the Style Coupe Concept foreshadows the future CLA whose production version is expected to take his first walkabout at the Paris Motor Show next October. 

At the front, the resemblance is clear Class A while the rear trunk and the modeling of the shape of the lights immediately evokes the CLS like the cabin built for four.

Signs that suggest that the surname of the production version will ... CLA Assembly on the technical platform of Class A and Class B , this sedan is 4.63 m long intercalate in the range between Class C (4.58 m) and Class E (4.87 m). But above its low roofline 1.39 m (1.45 m respectively for C and 1.47 m for the E) will make it a little sister of the CLS . 

With a 4MATIC, the concept coupe style is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder 211 hp strong 2.0 associated with a robotized gearbox with double clutch DCT has seven reports.

But the entry-level versions of the future CLA should, in turn, rest on a front wheel drive architecture as is the case for Class A and Class B . And at the other end of the spectrum, an AMG variant of 300 hp will be entitled to 4MATIC.  

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