Friday, March 27, 2015

2012 Marussia MR01


Marussia has presented 13 days before the season starts his new car. Timo Glock and Charles Pic got to know her new company car in a Film Day at Silverstone. The MR01 has Marussia as the McLaren nose without a deep level to the chassis.
Timo Glock had great patience. 13 days before the season opener in Australia Marussia his team presented the new car. As with Sunday, the 4th Final test was March, the only thing you could Marussia two film days. That is, two times 100 miles on tires demonstration. Since you do not learn much.

The new Marussia MR01 is a co-production of a 40-member group to design engineering Pat Symonds, consultants and a team of McLaren engineers. Marussia could use in the development of the cars wind tunnel and simulator in Woking. The result is a car with a flat nose. But this has nothing to do with the joint venture with technology partner McLaren. Marussia had to rely on known technologies from lack of time. As the team of Pat Symonds began with the design, only five people were in the design office. Symonds had also summarized in three locations in a central Banbury. Now the band is complete.

The team trusts since the 2010 debut on a flat nose. The departure of a high nose would mean risks in a crash test. There was the same. However, at the other end of the vehicle. The crash test was passed with the stern first until the fourth attempt. According to Symonds, however, this was only an internal and not the official FIA test. There was no doubt that the carbon rear structure would crumble upon impact. It was designed to be stiff and had not folded the rules accordingly.

Now the season for Timo Glock go. It is a two-stage plan. The first four races, Timo Glock and Charles Pic go with a basic version. Pat Symonds was concentrated to remedy the deficiencies in the chassis and weight. The Marussia MR01 has a lot more ballast on board, creating freedom in your vote. The exterior looks of the previous years cars are very similar. Except that the side boxes are drawn tighter, leaner and get the tail tidy and the lines from the nose to the cockpit has become almost a straight line. The missing step in the chassis. The front wing is dependent on large pylons, which thus assume the function of baffles. The clean directs the flow under the chassis, where separate baffles take the job. The nose tip extends well beyond the wings. The exhaust is like Williams and Mercedes in the side of the engine cover and blows on the lower rear wing element. The engineers call it a "significant development".

For Europe start is to debut the new aerodynamics. It was first developed in the teams history not only on the CFD computer, but also in the wind tunnel and simulator. Glock is hoping that we can trust the data simulator: "Then the new car would be a huge leap forward." Team boss John Booth to breathe: "It was a long and frustrating way to go before our first outing with the new car we use today, the first of two promotion days to give the drivers a feel for the new car The real work begins.. us but it was in Melbourne.

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