Friday, March 27, 2015

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept

Subaru shows at the Geneva Motor Show, the boxer diesel hybrid study "VIZIV".

Subaru Viziv 2013

By Subaru Viziv Concept shows a possible driving of the future generation. The compact crossover model not only has a futuristic styling, the technology is already tomorrow.

Although Peugeot has been for some time on a combination of diesel and electric motor, but Subaru would bring the first boxer diesel with hybrid drive on the market.

The proven 2.0-liter boxer diesel engine is supported in the case of the study VIZIV of three electric motors. So, for example, in city traffic purely electric operation should be possible.

Subaru Viziv 2013

On the highway or at rapid acceleration then the boxer diesel and electric motors work together to deliver sporty performance.

As usual with Subaru models, the Subaru VIZIV has permanent four-wheel drive, which would allow officials to move forward away from paved roads.

The interior of the study is also designed very futuristic and aims to show how a Subaru interiors might look in the future. To get ready for production of VIZIV However, it will still take some time, as a show car but it has certainly done good service.

Subaru Viziv 2013 interior

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