Saturday, March 28, 2015

2010 Marussia F2 SUV


Marussia has already been noticed with the B1 and B2, these supercars in style ... especially ... the brand is back with the Russian F2, an SUV as light as a sauerkraut tartiflette.
If the brand does for the moment no information about the technical specifications of Marussia F2 (except that it has all-wheel drive), you learn everything as well as the Hummer, two versions will be developed .

Marussia not afraid of anything. After presenting the very shaky B1 and B2, two sports but the original finish doubtful, the manufacturer is taking on the Crossover. With the look of shielded (it will surely optional) F2 is destined for the army and businessmen. The interior is modular and designed according to customer needs. As in his sport, Marussia has planned to equip it with a multimedia system that allows it to remain in constant contact with the world: Skype, Internet, TV, Gps ... No date for any marketing or information mechanical n was given, but remember that the B1 and B2 are powered by a V6 3.5 Nissan.
While the first version can take up to 7 passengers in a luxurious ambiance at will, for one second will use "professional" intended for military, police or ambulance services.

Marussia also announces that, for a fee, buyers can customize their entire F2.

The taste of the Russian bourgeoisie would still give us some beautiful lessons of elegance.

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