Monday, March 23, 2015

2011 Lincoln MKX by ID Agency


Lincoln has not been sacrificed on the altar of the crisis, Ford chose to pursue and slay Mercury with a mark he hopes to position against Cadillac. For the Sema show , this is an opportunity to shift the spotlight on the house recently restyled SUV, the MKX and barred his nostrils.

News releases disclosing the program constructors for Sema Show, the show tuning and equipment the best known of the planet, and are very similar. Each time, it is a 3D rendering that should whet our appetites, it is again the case with the Lincoln MKX ID Agency, which wants to combine fashion and function.

We have little information other than that this picture, however, sufficient to make us admit that the craft is a good basis for processing small that he slips in large wheels and wheel arches that covers it a color trend. Ford still has revealed that this SUV was equipped with Brembo brakes, HRE wheels, Falken tires and an Alpine sound system and the vehicle is qualified soberly Urban Assault Vehicle "by the shop that thought.

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