Saturday, March 28, 2015

2012 Mazda CX5 MInagi Concept Review

2012 Mazda (CX-5) Minagi Concept, Well advanced of it’s planned admission at the Geneva Auto Show in March, Mazda has appear the admission of the Minagi crossover concept.

Therefore, shortly after the Geneva Motor Show this year Minagi said the concept of production model in Mazda’s future to have more information. The Minagi is cooked as a preview of the next model of production model called CX CX – 5 should not be too disturbing for fans of Mazda. Mazda CX – 5 will be the third model in the CX line, along with the CX – 7 and CX – 9, the minimum is appropriate.

New Mazda CX 2012-5 compact crossover will SKYACTIV – G 2.0 l petrol Mazda 165 horsepower, torque specifications in Europe, about 150 pounds – the foot of the estimated supply. However, Mazda said the U.S. have a slightly lower standard four-cylinder engine. And there’s a rumor, Mazda CX plans to the U.S. market – 5 diesel version. It is the same diesel engine in Europe, which is a 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, producing around 160 horsepower and 310 pounds of torque – feet.

The CX5 will be the first production car to incorporate the new design theme of Mazda, “Kodo – Soul Movement”, which is the concept Shinari. Topics include the new design to a more adventurous person and style family dynamics, convey a strong vitality and flexibility of a new front view important. The SUV also utilize future technological advances, including a full range of motor SKYACTIV – two diesel and gasoline – gearbox, bodywork and chassis .

New Mazda CX-5 2012 Cross will be presented in Frankfurt Motor Show in September, right from the CX wise Tanaka – 5 project manager for the U.S. version part of the information.

According to Tanaka, the Mazda CX 2012-5 will reach the U.S. until early next year will bring about $ 2 million. That is $ 3,000 more than the largest Mazda CX – 7 low cross. His 2012 Mazda CX – 5 will enter the U.S. market a new generation of competition Honda CR – V and Hyundai Tucson.

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