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2013 Toyota RAV4 2 2 4WD Executive

The fourth generation of the Toyota RAV4 has grown considerably and has also become high.

2013 Toyota RAV4 Executive

The Toyota RAV4 was one of the first compact SUV and has started 2013 in its fourth generation. Compared to its predecessor, it is grown significantly , mainly due to the interior space benefits .

But visually , the practical Japanese has completely changed and follows the new Toyota design language. The new RAV4 is a lot of rough edges, but acts very modern and high quality . After the RAV4 is offered in Europe , and in North America , the design and all markets must address what is in our view, well done.

Toyota RAV4 with the 150-hp 2.2-liter diesel selected in the top equipment line "Executive" . already offers the four-wheel drive lots of luxury and in addition to the mandatory security features already LED daytime running lights , 18 "alloy wheels, leather seats, 2-zone automatic climate control, winter package, a Bergan and Hill Descent Control , Rear parking assist , a power tailgate , tinted windows in the rear , heated front seats , a keyless entry and start system and much more on board.

The interior presents itself then but also very luxurious and provides premium -class flair. Even the bottom of the dashboard is covered with leather , including contrast stitching and acts in conjunction with the many inlays in aluminum look very high quality and sporty. The design of the fittings landscape itself is also advised somewhat edgy , which visually looks very good. Only the navigation system is affected by its straight alignment of glare and difficult to read in sunlight.

For the operation of the Touch & Go Navis is a breeze , while otherwise the many features of the RAV4 are accommodated quite scattered . Some keys are housed in the center console near the bottom and deep down inside , the other in turn tucked the left of the steering wheel.

Much more positive the space is then to assess , since much space is available for all passengers. The RAV4 also boasts many shelves and cupholders , here it shows very clearly that the RAV4 is also intended for the U.S. market .

Extremely generous dimensions is also the boot volume . With 647-1846 liters it takes the RAV4 even with compact vans on . The power tailgate is also very practical and can also be programmed , for example, if you have a pretty low garage, the opening angle is adjustable.

Especially for the European market with the proven Toyota RAV4 diesel engines equipped . Our test vehicle has it got the more powerful diesel with 150 hp ( 110 kW) , which is a perfect combination for the RAV4 with the luxurious facilities. Its maximum torque of 340 Nm the engine delivers 2000-2800 U / min , but also including one notices nothing of a turbo lag , and the RAV4 sprinting on with much energy and away. In only 9.6 seconds to reach from the state of 100 km / hr, and who wants up to 190 km / h fast.

To the surprise of the manual six -speed gearbox is translated very long, which scolded lazy people very benefiting , in a diesel but is very unusual. In the city you are so usually only the 3rd Crossing the road, the 6th Transition is in the first place more than 100 km / h are called for by the gear recommendation display . This then results in even on the highway a very low speed level at which no engine noise penetrates into the interior. Only ride and wind noise are then perceived.

Despite the extended interpretation of the RAV4 remains with the gasoline consumption even in the frame. On average, we have 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers needed, which indeed differs slightly from the factory fuel consumption of 5.7 liters, but is still in order . More thrift would certainly bring a start / stop system and a different gear ratio.

But the RAV4 is primarily designed for driving comfort , where he also excels . He offers a very comfortable ride , but is nevertheless also quite sporty to move . Even in brisk curves do not you realize , to be on the road in a quite high car.

Those who wish can also further increase via Sport button, the sportiness of its RAV4. Here especially the power distribution of the all-wheel drive will be further optimized , and at every steering movement 10 % of the force are directed to the rear axle. In the event of under steer even 50 %, and the driving stability is significantly increased . Also the steering is in Sport mode more direct and harder , also easily changed is in Sport mode then the accelerator pedal characteristic curve.

Thanks to the all-wheel drive offers the RAV4 but not just on the road more safety and better driving characteristics , one comes with the compact SUV and off-road still progressing well. Although the RAV4 is not an extreme off-roader , it has probably to get to remote targets with rough terrain for most outdoor recreational activities enough off-road ability .

The Toyota RAV4 has proved to be a very pleasant companion, which not only offers plenty of space, but also is very good ride comfort. He makes up for long stretches as good a figure as in the city or off-road. For all-round talent fits the powerful engine which is in perfect harmony with the SUV. The very good quality and the material quality and processing to be fun. Compared to its predecessor, the new RAV4 is sure to become a better class, not only in the huge space.

Photo Credit: © Toyota

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