Tuesday, March 17, 2015

See Split screen Action 2011 Nissan GTR Vs Corvette ZR1

Nissan GTR Vs Corvette ZR1 Last week we told you about the new times more quickly identify the Nurburgring Nissan GTR, with a video that proves that Godzilla 2012 managed to shave 2.48 seconds from his best lap time. We were under the impression that GTR new best time was probably the best Corvette ZR1, but a side-by-side (or rather a top to bottom) video comparison of two runs to give us definitive answers.

Beyond pitting the car jumps the camera ZR1 (top screen) vs 2012 GTR (bottom screen). Pay attention to the five-minute clip of 6:20, as the vehicle to lose is a good result at this stage of the competition. A fun little race, but you have to hit the jump and look to see the same winner.

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