Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hyundai Eon Prices

Hyundai Eon Prices

South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai, is assembling a cheap compact car with a code of HA (H800). Autocar India reveal the name of Eon that the car is ready to compete with the Maruti Suzuki Alto.

Eon which means Identity without Borders will replace the Hyundai Santro which has been present since 13 years ago. These cars will use a three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 800 cc with 50 hp power predicted.

Of rendering images, the design used suggests a modern look with aura firm lines, as models of the manufacturer from the current State Ginseng.

Eon is claimed to be having a better interior than Alto at a price of about U.S. $ 5,000. It is estimated that type of car City Car will be released in October 2011 in India.

Hyundai Eon also predicted the presence threatens the existence of Tata Motors low-cost car. Moreover, orders for this car to subside after several cars on fire and raised concerns about the safety of Tata Nano. In fact, sales were down from 20 thousand to 509 units a month.

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