Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cadillac Aera Concept LA Show 2010

Cadillac Aera Concept LA Show 2010
Attention to the Los Angeles Auto Show is on new vehicles and concepts in ways a car in the very near future. One aspect of the show but looking further, pushing their vision of the designer to create a topic included. The Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge has taken seven years, the designers had in 2010 to a car of 1000 pounds, the stylish and performance-oriented, but was also able to take to create four passengers. GM Advanced Design Team came to the plate and with his concept was Cadillac, took first place. The podium is full are, however, because the Smart 454 also claimed a victory in the competition as the judges declared a draw.

This is the third time that GM has won this challenge by providing them with the most wins in all car manufacturers to power. The ERA concept Cadillac hit on all areas that the judges sought, and despite the futuristic style, with a few lines of Cadillac recognizable today.

The Smart 454 is a different approach to this competition, compared to the dark and dramatic. The 454 refers to the vehicles weight in kilograms, and is described as built, or rather carbon fiber mesh Smart robot grandmother. "These robots or SGR can turn coal into complex shapes, which allows multiple forms to be created for the super-strong. The wheels are carbon fiber, which would roll for less unsprung weight and a strong platform to pull the WWT 454.

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