Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ABT Audi S4

Home for the Abt S4
Power Plus for the new Audi S4. In the revamped Model 435 horsepower and give your driving.

abt s4 audi
abt audi s4

Along with the normal models was also the sports edition S4 at the start, fueled by a 333-horsepower supercharged V6. To whom this power is not enough, either a high flyer RS4 or resort to a tuned model. Those who prefer second option will now appear at the worlds largest tuner of VW Group brands, Abt Sportsline, find it.

Because in the new "Abt S4" (pictured above) are available to the driver 435 hp. Those are impressive 102 hp more than the rather potent production model. (Series: 440 Nm) torque to 520 Nm at the same time is increased. The standard all-wheel drive provides superior traction. The dual-clutch gearbox whips the course a little faster clean. With a top speed of 282 km / h the tuned S4 is a 32 km / h over the series (electronic sealed off).

On the looks, it was little change. Here abbot limited only to new rims (19 or 20 inches) with high performance tires. Abt S4 offers a revision of the sedan and station wagon.

Photo Credit: © Audi

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