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2016 Ford GT Review

Ford presents the new 2016 Ford GT a true super sports car that could not be more aggressive and has the finest racing technology on board. About 600 horsepower, producing a rich propulsion, so that even the current Ferrari 458 Italia with "only" 570 hp in terms of yield strength has left behind. The launch is scheduled for the end of 2016 and in Europe.

2016 Ford GT

Sophistication in every detail: Design with a trick
The dynamic design of the deep squat Ford GT draws attention to the emotional line of a super sports car up, the look, the makers closely which are basically the iconic predecessor, the celebrated prestigious achievements on the worlds racetracks. At the same time, the new super sports car with its modern, functional and just beautiful lines represents the start of a new era.

Huge air intakes at the front and the side already indicate the enormous power potential, while sleek air guide elements are made of carbon aerodynamics and sharpen the look further. Meanwhile, can be positioned in the mid engine engine admired through a transparent window.

2016 Ford GT

The rear features a powerful carbon diffuser, two round, reminiscent of engines tail lights and two huge, center and far top-mounted exhaust pipes. About the modern drivers cell spans the flat roof, which also contributes to the excellent aerodynamics of the new Ford GT.

The highlight: The new Ford GT has air guide elements that adjust adaptively to the driving situation. The thus generated variable pressure allows especially at higher speeds extremely high driving stability and combines this with an optimized aerodynamic drag coefficient.

2016 Ford GT

The sophisticated aerodynamics also reflected in small body details, such as the silhouette is inspired in the perfect shape of a water droplet. In combination with the highly curved windshield, reminiscent of the cockpit canopy of modern fighter jets, this leads to an outstanding aerodynamic efficiency without including the clarity would suffer.

Thanks to numerous active aero components, such as the variable rear wing, the new Ford GT is also standard in terms of braking performance, handling and stability. Depending on driving conditions and speed, the rear wing fits both the height and the angle of the situational requirements to ensure the best possible performance.

2016 Ford GT

Engine: The strongest standard EcoBoost engine of all time
When driving the hitherto most powerful EcoBoost petrol engine series used at all: a 3.5-liter V6 with two turbochargers, which has real racing genes and will develop over 600 hp. The mid-engine drives the rear wheels of the two-seater. The engine drives an endurance prototypes as they go, for example, in the "IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship" (USCC) and at the 24 Hours of Daytona at the start. Right in his debut season this aggregate celebrated three victories in 2014, reached seven podiums and finished this race almost 25,000 kilometers.

The torque yet unnamed Ford will extend over a wide speed range and provide high fuel efficiency. Weve come full circle: Also on the race track performance and efficiency serve as a guarantee for success. His power transmits the twin-turbo 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which provides almost instantaneous switching operations and the driver can have full control over the action.

2016 Ford GT

Weight reduction is one of the most effective measures to achieve performance and efficiency. In the new Ford GT, the makers implement the most modern composite materials and carbon fiber elements. According to Ford, to achieve the GT one of the best power to weight ratio in its class.

Even chassis of reach innovative racing technology used. This is testified, inter alia, the pushrod suspension with pushrods and active stabilizer which can be adapted in height. For best possible grip performance tires provide the type "Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2", developed its structure and tread compound, the tire manufacturer for the new Ford GT. Behind the multi-piece 20-inch alloy wheels do carbon-ceramic brakes from Brembo their service.

2016 Ford GT

Interior: A steering wheel like in Formula 1
About the drivers cell spans the flat roof, which also contributes to the excellent aerodynamics of the new Ford GT. Access to the ergonomically designed interior of the supercar allow upwardly opening doors. The two seats Ford built directly into the carbon monocoque - this saves weight and ensures an optimum connection between driver and chassis. The result is an even more solid feel. Thanks to the adjustable pedals adjustable steering wheel and also the driver find virtually any body type fast optimal seating position.

The interior impresses with modern controls, comfort and safety. The steering wheel in the style of the current Formula 1 racing car bears all the relevant control buttons and shift paddles for the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Thanks to the freely programmable central digital displays the driver retains all vehicle information is always in view. The display unit can be freely programmed depending on the driving situation and selected driving mode.

Photo Credit: © Ford

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