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2013 Volvo C30 Electric

2013 Volvo C30 Electric is the first Volvo with pure electric drive and assigned in advance only for experimental purposes to selected companies. We have yet to test the electric Sweden.

Also, Volvo is looking for alternatives to the combustion engine and the C30 was the first transformed to the electric vehicle. While the body has remained at the same painting, the technique has changed completely.

2013 volvo c30 electric

Visually you can see the electric-C30 in Cosmic Whites paint and the R-Design body kit in Orinoco Blue, resulting in a very successful overall design. Of course, give the number of "Electric" lettering a reference to the drive of the Volvo compact.

The interior can be seen significant differences from the model with an internal combustion engine. In particular, the instrument panel and center console were changed. Instead of the clock you have an energy consumption display that keeps you always up to date, whether it is being consumed or electricity generated by the regenerative braking power.

In the center console there is then a Cuddly little lever in Orinoco Blue, can be chosen between the "N" for neutral, "R" for reverse, "D" for Drive, and "H" for Highway, the desired drive mode.

2013 volvo c30 interior

Powering the Volvo C30 from a 111 hp (82 kW) electric motor, which has from the start of a maximum torque of 220 Nm. The large 24 kWh lithium-ion battery provides the energy required for the operation and to provide a range of up to 150 kilometers.

Once the engine is completely silent, a willingness to moving away from the hand of the power flow display is signaled. If the pointer to "0", you can stop and start driving the desired drive mode.

Already in the first meters of the Volvo developed an enormous power, speed 70 km / h is reached after only 6 seconds. Due to the low center of gravity, the Volvo is also perfect on the road, and it goes like on rails. Beyond the 70 km / h the power process will become somewhat less, the maximum speed of the C30 Electric reached at 130 km / h Very practically it is the highway mode, which keeps the selected speed of the Volvo and the good energy recovery will be suspended.

You virtually silent, gliding over the highway - a really great ride. Approaching then he left, you can bring the lever with a light pressure to the back again into the drive mode and use the braking energy to recharge the batteries. The Volvo delay in this mode so much that you almost do not need to apply the brake.

His stockings plays the electric Volvo but mainly in the urban area, where he no emissions and virtually silent in transit. An electric car that is this much relaxation in everyday life. Through the silent gliding and passengers are relaxed, and the daily traffic jam even bother any more.

2013 volvo c30 electric

Who is above all in the way the city will be able to achieve a realistic range of 120 kilometers. In our standard consumption game including a car ride, we arrived at a value of 100 kilometers, which is not bad.

The quite good value is achieved by a particularity in the energy supply. The Volvo C30 Electric is in fact equipped with a 14.5-liter bio-ethanol fuel, supplies of heating and air conditioning system with energy and thus for these energy guzzlers is not using the power from the batteries, which ultimately is good for the reach.

On the whole, the 2013 C30 has even three cooling systems. One provides for the heating or cooling of the interior, one cools the battery unit when required, and the electric motor and the drive electronics are water cooled.

With 100 kilometers of range should the daily errands and go to work for most people can cope. Above all, who has a garage, will benefit from a completely new quality of life. The first advantage is that the garage without petrol or diesel fumes RECOURSE, the second advantage is that that the car can be recharged from the comfort of your home. The charge is extremely simple and very well thought out even at Volvo.

While some electric cars necessarily need to secure the socket to 16A, you can select the desired on-board computer via the Volvo C30 Electric charging energy. These products range from 8A to 16A, and the load can thus be made of any household outlet. First, the power cord is plugged in, then in the front grill built-in socket Volvo. The third step is to check the box on the charger to start charging more, or can not perform a check in advance.

2013 volvo c30 electric

Slightly irritating then, only the relatively loud noise charge, which accompanies the current charge. Using blue or bright flashing light in the dashboard behind the windscreen you can see the charging status of the car. The slower it takes to flash the lamp, the fuller the batteries are charged. A permanent light signals then the full charge of the unit of energy.

While the Volvo C30 Electric is not the most ideal car for vacation trips, so it is for those who have to deal with especially short trips, a great alternative because it is absolutely suitable for everyday use and fun to drive (at least until Highway pace) was prepared.

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