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2013 Mini Clubvan

2013 Mini Clubvan, which is based on the combination Clubman, the BMW subsidiary conquer new territory. In Geneva, the car was still shown as a concept, but now the production version is ready. This will not only bring a certain glamor factor in the segment of compact vans, but also transmit other values ​​such as mini-cool and fun to drive.

2013 Mini Clubvan
2013 Mini Clubvan

Separate cargo hold
Visually similar to the Clubman of the Clubvan to the smallest detail. Only the absence of the rear window gives him away as a delivery truck. There are five doors, it is still necessary, however, is missing a back seat. The Clubvan is a two-seater with a separate load compartment. The enclosed cargo area extends from the rear end up to the seats for driver and front passenger. This is firmly connected with the separator body behind the seats for the driver and front passenger is in the lower range of solid aluminum and the top of a stainless steel grid. To access the cargo stowed in the hold next to the existing two wings outward-swinging rear door provides the counter-opening "Club Door" on the passenger side.

No wonder Transportation
At a length of 3,961, a width of 1,683, a height of 1426 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2547 its dimensions also correspond exactly to the dimensions of its gene donor. Fit into the back of a maximum of 860 liters - not much for a van. Competitors like Kangoo, Caddy, Dokker (Dacia), Combo, Citan and Co. have about four times. Therefore, the storage space is well utilized. It measures 115 centimeters in length and has at its narrowest point (just behind the rear opening) to a width of 102 centimeters. The maximum load is 500 kilograms.

2013 mini clubvan

Engines and performance
The Mini Clubvan is available in three models: a one Clubvan with 98 PS (0 to 100 in 11.1 seconds, 185 km / h, 5.5 l/100 km), as Clubvan Cooper with 122 hp (9.8 sec; 201 km / h, 5.5 l/100 km) and as Clubvan Cooper with 112 hp (10.2 sec, 197 km / h). The latter boasting a standard consumption of 3.9 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

The base model is equipped rather sparse. For an additional charge there is nearly as many customization options as for standard models.

2013 mini clubvan

Model from the 1960s
Completely new is the idea not of course. For 1960, only a year after the launch of the first Mini was introduced Morris Mini Van. With its wheelbase extended by ten centimeters, an enclosed cargo space and a two-leaf rear door, he was thinking at that time for a commercial use in an urban environment.

Release date
The delivery of the mini Clubvan begins in fall 2012. On the market, price is not fixed yet. Whether the van version comes about as good as the regular minis to be seen. Due to the positive aura and the good image the chances are poor. Given the rather modest transport talent and not just low prices are probably some companies might consider the purchase, but twice.

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