Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2012 Wheelsandmore Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Seven 11


Analogous to the previous model, the CLS 63 AMG "Seven-11" presents refiners Wheelsandmore now the new SL63 AMG with extremely spicy additions. The external appearance designed to Rhinelander in the same look as the variant of the CLS luxury coupe and wrapped the body of the roadster in "Armageddon matte gray", combined with "light-matte-black" and topped with the famous Wheelsandmore Race Tripe. This color combination and the other tuning components give sports equipment an exciting mix of understatement and Provokanz.

Invisible but palpable contrast, the revision of the engine performance is down. Who is not quite at ease with the factory 395kw / 537 hp and has no equal even ordered the larger stepbrother SL65 AMG, the Wheelsandmore helps with the Seven-11 be glad to increase the performance on lavish 514kw / 700 hp and 1100 Nm of torque . Responsible for the enormous increase in performance, throughput Stronger sport catalysts, a flap-controlled exhaust system, optimized air induction and a newly programmed software tuning.

The most obvious distinguishing feature for a reconstruction of the house Wheelsandmore have always been the timeless 6Sporz ² forged wheels, which are also the new SL perfectly. At the front of the noble tuner applied the 3-piece in 10 × 20 "with 255/30/20 and on the drive axle in 12.0 × 20 with 305/25/20 tires from Continental. Alternatively, the tuning company, the wheel / tire combination with its wheels on in a 20/21 inch combination. Then the front wheels measure 10 × 20 "with 255/30/20 tires on the rear axle 11,5 × 21" with 295/25/21 tires.
For the lowering of the ABC suspension is a newly developed, LowMaXX electronic lowering module is responsible, which automatically switches off at 70 km / h again for comfort and safety reserves.

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