Sunday, March 22, 2015

2012 Wheelsandmore McLaren MP4 12C Toxique Evil


More and more frequently seen in recent representatives of British sports cars of the McLaren MP4-12C on our roads. The British Supersport has a stunning design and performance levels at which it can easily compete with other European brands. Also, the tuner Wheelsandmore discovered his potential and tunes the McLaren MP4-12C to a "Toxique Evil."

The lack of McLaren newly developed 3.8-liter V8 biturbo engine is not enough from the factory horsepower. A client of Wheelsandmore but wanted something more "devilish" and therefore have increased to the serial output of 600 hp to a whopping 666 hp and 640 Nm of torque. Responsible for the proper performance gain is a hand-made exhaust system with remote-controlled exhaust valve and the optimized control electronics. According Wheelsandmore the medium term by upgrading the turbo and the intercooler also stable 800hp should be possible.

World Exclusive shifted Wheelsandmore the focus of the PCC electronic hydraulic system that controls body roll and the roll-permanently to another 25mm in the direction of asphalt. This handling and steering of the McLaren MP4-12C makes even sportier.
For the perfecting of the total weight of Britons not to adversely affect weight were optimized, 3-piece ultralight forged wrought-type wheels in 9.0 x 20 ² 6Sporz and 12.0 × 21 constructed individually, and then finished by hand. To ensure optimum contact with the road sports tires, which rotate on the front axle and in size 245/30/20 on the rear axle in size 325/25/21.

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