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2012 Volvo XC70

The 2012 Volvo XC70 is one of the founders of the luxury estate cars in the off-road look. We have tested the special edition of "Ocean Race" of freshly-lifted wheel drive vehicle.

2012 Volvo XC70

The basis for the Volvo XC70, the Volvo V70, which can inspire a luxury station wagon with many qualities. Compared to the XC70 V70 is recognized by the round half-side moldings, an even more powerful optics and increased ground clearance that allows him to do off-road, in combination with all-wheel drive, a good progress.

For our test we chose the XC70 D3 to the 163-hp 5-cylinder diesel engine and automatic transmission in the "Ocean Race" edition that hits with 49 340-euros.

The Volvo XC70 Ocean Race has it been a very complete equipment includes ESP, ABS, 6 airbags, fog lamps, DSTC dynamic stability control, luggage space lattice, cruise control, HDC, IDIS (Intelligent Driver Information System), dual-zone climate control, LED ambient lighting, Start / stop button, 18 "alloy wheels, Electric Silver metallic paint, upholstery," Volvo Ocean Race "leather, aluminum deposits in the Ocean Race design and many other Ocean Race logo.

Of course, there are upwards still plenty of room to increase the price, in the case of our test cars were still the Business Pro package, the driver assistance package, the family package, the security comfort package, the Winter Pro package, the dashboard in leather, electrically folding door mirrors including ground lights, a power drivers seat, automatic tailgate, a heater, an electric Glasschiebe-/Hebedach and much more on board.
2012 Volvo XC70
The 2012 Volvo XC70 has a track while still more robust than the V70, but no less exclusive - quite the opposite. The Ocean Race leather upholstery offer are of a very soft and beautiful leather, the seats but still very good support.

In combination with the leather-covered dashboard and aluminum decorative elements of the interior is then generally very high, and the processing environment and adjusts the price of the vehicle.

Due to the slightly elevated ground clearance, climb into the Volvo XC70 an even easier, the space is just as generous as the V70.

Kudos earned the 575-liter luggage compartment that can be used with a lot of features for securing cargo. In addition to the conventional blind tonneau cover for the XC70 also has a handy grid that can be a handle folded down from the roof lining, protecting the passengers in the event of an emergency stop from flying parts from the trunk. Additionally, there is a folding load floor from the mini-wall fitted with a rubber band or cargo pockets protects against slipping.

The electric tailgate makes one then with both hands to access the cargo area and completes the overall positive impression of decline.
2012 Volvo XC70
If you combine the Volvo XC70 with the 163-hp 5-cylinder diesel engine, also has chosen a very sensible engines. With a maximum torque of 400 Nm, which is available 1500-2750 rev / min, it has been from the bottom out enough power, and the XC70 can be as well be used for towing.

That the engine compared to the V70 is not quite as tangy effect is due to the slightly elevated ground clearance and four-wheel drive and the associated extra weight. Pass as for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h 10.8 seconds, top speed is 195 km / h

Of course, the all-wheel drive but also has many positive aspects. Besides the better progress in bad weather and on gentle terrain, the road holding of the four-wheel drive Volvo is again better than the version with front-wheel drive. The XC70 is confident on the road, and despite the increase in construction you realize no tendency to tilt when cornering at speed. The 6-speed automatic sorts the course is not quite as smooth as in other models, their work done but still very good.

In particular, the adaptive cruise control is a pleasant relief to long stretches of motorway. Compared with the first systems of the cruise control is now working much faster and accelerate the vehicle after an obstacle has cleared the way, again quite quickly to the previously selected speed.

For good handling is also ensured by the direct steering and comfortable for a good view of the dual-xenon headlamps with cornering lights, which illuminate the road in all weathers very well.

Despite its length of 483.8 inches, the Volvo XC70 to move quite handy and has good visibility, which also makes it easier parking in tight spaces. For safety, there is also a parking assistant at front and rear, which makes for obstacles and other vehicles reliable attention.
2012 Volvo XC70
When the volvo XC70 consumption can not be due to increased construction and relevant not just for the aerodynamic attached parts of the V70-rich water. On average, our test vehicle has granted approximately 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers, which is somewhat removed from the work of the promised 6.8 liters.

Anyone who is often in bad weather and in deep winter ranges go and needs all-wheel drive, has found the 2012 Volvo XC70 certainly an ideal companion. For those who do not need four-wheel drive and off-road look, but the V70 is a better choice because he is more agile and less used.

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