Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2012 Scion FR S Concept New Car Show

The Scion FR-S, seen from the pictures this car is quite remarkable that shows more detailed features and look better than the Toyota FT-86, although they are actually the same car, probably warrants an appropriate red FR-S very much. Scion FR-S makes a big noise in New York Autoshow, and the evidence from Japan suggests that Toyota is sure to put the car into production with minimal changes.

While models like the Scion tC have been popular, very few people looking for a high performance car have sought them out. Scion has been the “youth brand”, selling hip cars to first time buyers who are on a shoestring budget. The FR-S will be a new halo car for the Scion showroom, an aspiration car who’s image will help sell other models next to them.

The design is said to be closer to the original FT-86 Concept, with a few details from the Scion FR-S Concept. It will look identical in all markets, apart from different badging – with the U.S. market model sold as the Scion FR-S.

Under the hood the boxer 4-cylinder has reportedly been almost entirely redesigned and shares nothing but its opposed cylinder layout with the Subaru version. Yahama engineers were involved in the development of the engine.

Hollis says the design of the FR-S ‘is inspired by the legendary Toyota 2000GT, and even can see a bit of Lexus LF-A in the angular shapes that blend with smooth curves. This is a hot concept, and tell us which provides a new addition to the Scion family coming in 2012.

When you consider the next closest thing to buyers is the now defunct the Honda S2000, the much more pricey Nissan 370Z or the decidedly girly Mazda MX-5 you have a magic weapon boy racer that will steal all the limelight. Thy Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a close contender, but more of a grand tourer than sports car.

Because the new FR-S will be shared between both a Subaru and Scion model, the aftermarket will be motivated and able to offer an infinite cavalcade of engine and suspension parts to really make it fly. Because the FR-S will use proven Subaru powertrains that already have huge aftermarket support, the selection of power adders will be there almost the day the car lands in showrooms.

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