Thursday, March 19, 2015

2012 McLaren MP4 12C


Each year at the Geneva Motor Show, Mansory has a spacious booth and will surely attract the eye with his creations never really discrete. For this 2012 edition, his McLaren MP4-12C seems surprisingly good!
By attacking the McLaren MP412-C, Mansory was thought capable of giving the English a discrete aspect much more exuberant. Finally, the two first images we disappoint almost coursifiée because this version of the McLaren is quite "nice". Understand classic.
Before presenting his version of discoverable MP4-12C, McLaren intends to salivate even more fans exclusive supercars. The British manufacturer has indeed been working on an MP4-12C even more radical than that of series.

The changes are not limited to simple aesthetics, the engine was also improved. McLaren should not take long to communicate its services and especially its price should be equal to its exclusivity.
Certainly, many openings are racing, as the elements carbon (hood, splitter, mirrors), one discovers two boomerangs as a LED daytime running lights, an imposing wing, diffuser, shields and redesigned side skirts with functional openings. The work continued under the hood with the installation of a performance exhaust, a reprogrammed electronic control unit, an air intake more voracious, while the V8 gives the original a supplement to soul as it now offers 670 hp and 675 Nm of torque (600 Nm and 608 against standard). The top speed is now 353 km / h.

Limited to only five copies, the High Sport spent her first photo shoot under the leadership of the agency Tomirri Photography. She shows off her new aerodynamic kit characterized by increased air intakes at the front, a new rear bumper with extractor, a new active rear spoiler and rims of the GT3 version.

Forged wheels in front and 20 21 behind are advertised "ultra-light and specially robust" and the interior is completely refurbished by Mansory with known building in the area.

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