Friday, March 20, 2015

2012 Ford B Max Innovative Design

2012 Ford B-MAX stands out against other cars in this segment of the system wide door Ford Easy Access Door System, which provides excellent access to the cabin. With the development of this innovative solution engineers have provided the maximum protection to passengers in case of impact of each page.

2012 Ford B-Max

Safety is primarily rigid structure of the passenger compartment. Front and rear doors have been reinforced tough boron steel, and steel with high and ultra high strength makes up 58 percent of the construction of the entire body. Additionally, in the event of an impact to the side of the vehicle are activated by special clamps that reinforce the connection to the door with the edge of the roof and the lower threshold.

The car was equipped with a total of seven airbags. Create a comprehensive system of protection of front airbags driver and passenger side airbags, curtain airbags covering the whole cabin and a driver knee airbag. Ford B-MAX is also the first Ford, which uses off the front passenger air bag, so that the front seat can now be facing child safety seat facing the rear.

Element significantly increases safety while driving are also front seat, the structure and attachment points are made of durable steel, capable of handling huge impact forces during an accident. Noteworthy are also the front headrests, adjustable in level, which increases both safety and comfort of passengers. In addition, the safety belt when the drivers seat has been fitted with double pre-tensioners, and placed at the rear seat anchorage points Isofix child seat.

2012 Ford B-Max

In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians during the collision, Fords engineers have optimized the body parts found in front of the vehicle, using a special lane sill, which aims to reduce the effects of collisions at the base of the windscreen. An important option is a new two-speed wiper system front, which allows shifting of the main elements of the wiper mechanism from inside the vehicle to a safer place.

All versions of the Ford B-MAX will also feature Electronic Stability Program ESP helps the driver maintain vehicle control in extreme driving situations.

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