Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia China 20th Anniversary


 The Prancing Horse is celebrating 20 years of presence on Chinese soil with a Ferrari 458 in a special edition of only 20 pieces designed just to Asian country.

The Chinese market and the recent special editions go hand in hand and further evidence comes from Italy made ​​from a Ferrari 458 Maranello version limited edition of only 20 pieces, designed just for the populous Asian country. This limited edition is designed to celebrate the anniversary of the Ferrari brand 20imo on Chinese soil, and is mainly characterized by the theme Longma, an ancient Chinese idiom that represents "the vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse".

The car body is painted with a color scheme called "Marco Polo Red" designed specifically for this special edition, while the alloy wheels have been painted with a very intense golden color, applied to the side skirts and other appendices. The theme Longma is proposed on the headrests, also finished with a golden color, while the start button on the motor sees the presence of the Chinese character equivalent to "start" in English. The center console is also a plaque bearing the inscription "20th Anniversary Special Edition".

In addition to that, Ferrari has announced in recent days that will be opened soon at the Shanghai World Expo Park, the first permanent exhibition of the Ferrari brand (with the exception of that found in Maranello, of course). This event, lasting at least three years, will host some of the best museum collections taken from Maranello, divided into five topics: China, Green Technology, Product Design and Racing. This Ferrari 458 Special Edition is ready to make its debut at Beijing Motor Show.

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