Thursday, March 19, 2015

2012 Bentley Continental GTC


Bentley is working to rejuvenate their range. The Mulsanne and Continental GT has received an update and so it is logical that the Continental GTC again passes through the drawing board. The GTC differs little from the GT, so he gets a revised navigation system, the optional Naim audio system and an overload of choice in color combos. The interior was a bit luxurious.
The motorisation is unchanged compared to the coupe, the 6.0 W12 still fills the engine compartment and still brings forth 567 hp. In combination with the six-speed automatic gets the Bentley Continental GTC in the thick 4.8 seconds 0-100 km / h. Furthermore, the noise further developed through a fabric convertible top in multiple layers and acoustic glass. Bentley succeeded however in order to save weight 70 kg from the previous Continental GTC.
The looks are a little changed. Dnakzij new production technique, more flowing lines are obtained in the body panels. The front grille is just right, while the double-horseshoe look back on the Mulsanne taken.

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