Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2011 Mazda Minagi

2011 Mazda Minagi 

Minagi scooped SKYACTIV technologies and embraced a new design theme of Mazda - Kodo (Soul of Motion). Minagi pioneered the forerunner of the launch of future products represent the evolution of Mazda and Mazda brand as the beginning of a new era.

SKYACTIV technologies include transmission, engine, car body and chassis. SKYACTIV introduced in October 2010 and will be used in products of Mazda from 2011. Mazda Demio, Mazda2 another name, will be the first product to apply SKYACTIV Mazda. Mazda Demio SKYACTIV sold in the first half of 2011 in Japan.

SKYACTIV-G is the latest generation of petrol engines are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. While SKYACTIV-D is a diesel engine with two-stage turbocharger and exhaust gas corresponding Tier2Bin5 Euro6 in Europe and in North America.

Combining the advantages for transmission automatic transmissions, CVT, as well as dual clutch, the transmission efficiency is better than the current one. Manual transmission that is compact in size and light weight. Mazda claims more savory, the gear shift is faster / lighter, and make more efficient fuel consumption.

Body is a new structure for car body, the lighter 8% and stiff (rigid) 30%. That is, the protection of the occupants of the car body to a better cabin. While the chassis featuring lightweight chassis with a balance between handling and ride comfort.

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