Tuesday, March 24, 2015



All-New Kia Picanto Picanto or the 2nd generation, in Indonesia is marketed in two variants, namely 5-speed manual transmission, sold USD 125 million (on the road, in Jakarta). Prices are up about Rp 8-1 generation was also compared using the 1.1 liter engine. While the All-New Picanto automatic transmission, 4-speed detachable Rp 139 million (also on the road).

All-New Picanto, using a machine with greater capacity than before, the 1248 cc engine that produces power 87PS@6.000rpm. While the torque 12.3 kg-m@4.000rpm

In terms of appearance, the All-New Picanto more dynamic and sportier than the previous version. For the technology that made ​​other changes are power steering, now driven by electric motors (hydraulic old version) called the Motor Drive Power Steering (MDPS).

From the dimensions, the All-New Picanto 60 mm longer than the previous version. While the wheelbase increased distance both 15. This car dimensions: length 3596 mm, width 1595 mm, height 1480 and 2385 mm wheelbase

For fuel consumption, claiming All-New Kia Pincato spent 1 liter of petrol for a distance of 23.3 kmdi outside Kotta. While in the city of 14.9 km / liter. All-New Picanto turnover just done next July 7.

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