Sunday, March 22, 2015

2010 Local Motors Rally Fighter

2010 Local Motors Rally Fighter
2010 Local Motors Rally Fighter
Off-Road Racing designed for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts, makes its debut on the biggest industry event of the year at SEMA in the Making Green Cool Zone "

This is one of the most exciting cars ever hit the road. The aggressive, stylish and inspired the Old War Birds, Local Motors Rally Fighter is a remnant of the old new appeal.

----  Specifications  ----
3 liter BMW
3200 lbs
twin turbochargers
425 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm
265 hp
88.3 hp per liter
1/4 mile 
12.1 lbs per hp
0-62 mph 
Top Speed 
The history of this vehicle is in its process of revolutionary change and simple - it was designed and developed by a community of car enthusiasts. New American automaker local Motors invites everyone with a passion for cars to work in an open design that can help you choose the shape and appearance of each vehicle local Motors. Now home to more than 4000 cars designers, engineers and enthusiasts, the local community Motors is the largest of its kind - and the only one wearing a new car on the market.

Rally Fighter is a premium, genuine off-road experience, designed and built in the deserts of the American Southwest. It was designed by a member of the Community Motors Sangho Kim, even though many of the members of the local participated in the development process open. Together, they helped co-detail structure of society, the creation of semi-hole, interior design, and even optional.

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