Friday, March 20, 2015

2009 Dacia Duster Concept


After a change initiated by a Renault Sandero rebadgée in Europe, in Geneva Dacia confirms its desire to seduce other than its price. Brand Mioveni proposes a study called simply Duster Crossover, your feather dusters!

The same length - 4.25 m - his cousin Logan, Duster gets rid of any other relationship between the two models, cooperation between the center of Bucharest and the Design of Guyancourt Technocentre has been good.

The concept of top 1.49 m offers a massive style and futuristic at the front, with a large shield to thin air intakes along with LED lights in the wings stretching to the gates and flashing reminders attached the cover.

In profile, the Dacia Duster plays the double-sided with a door cut way drivers side and cut a door opening antagonist passenger side. The rear side air outlets are "pinching" the body and five-pointed white rims 21 inch finish offer a sporty look to it. Stern with its lights in "y" lying and high Dacia integrated into the glass, refers back to a style close to the Renault Ondelios concept ,
Under the glass piece roof / windshield reveals a bluish-black interior seats four original dashboard with a bellows, a steering wheel in the middle portion integrating all instrumentation panel and a driver seat integral part of the console Central. Originality of concept Duster, the transition to two-seater is not done by folding the rear seat, but in tandem with the electrically sliding front passenger seat as the driver.

Although this model is a design study, it is nice to see that Dacia plans to take the path of manufacturers such as Kia, which now offer a modern identity and worked without bite the dust in your wallet.

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